A lot to catch you up on!

Wow, It’s been a busy two weeks! 

Things I’ve achieved this past two weeks:

  • I’ve done a lot of research for my WIP.
  • Met with my editor and fixed my outline.
  • Met with my publicist Claire (https://www.hypethatpr.com/) and planned the next twelve months.
  • Had an author photoshoot.
  • Reached the half way point in my word count.

Thank you so much to the fantastic Steph for showing me around the Sunderland Empire. I got to look around the venue and get a sneak peek backstage which really helped with my research for the stagey romance I’m working on. It meant that the story I had outlined and scenes I had planned came to life in front of me and it really gave me a boost in motivation. Not to mention I got to fulfil some of my life long dreams like walk through stage door and stand on stage looking out at the auditorium. It really gave me a feel for what my characters would experience so I’m able to tell the story with as much realism as possible.

Until two weeks ago my story didn’t have an ending but thanks to my wonderful editor, Aimee Walker (https://aimeewalkerproofreader.com/) we talked through the outline and together figured out where I was struggling. Once we had worked that out, that the ending just fell into place and I can’t wait to write the part where my wonderful characters get their happily ever after.

My WIP has a working title but as always, I’m undecided. I like to refer to it as ‘My Stagey Romance’ because that’s exactly what it is… who knows what it’ll end up as at this point though. Love & London didn’t have a title until I was arranging the cover and had to think of something really quickly. Naming a book is probably harder than writing the blinking thing, there’s so much to consider. Is it snappy enough? Attractive, Eye catching, Memorable? Does it tell the reader what the book is about at a glance?

Pinterest is my newest obsession. Well, more of a renewed obsession since I was obsessed with it when planning my wedding. I’ve made a public board where I’ve pinned character inspiration for my lead characters and the setting. You can find that here: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/lizzielawton/harriet-and-liam/

I also had my first professional photo shoot with Jamie Allison. It was a fab afternoon. I’ve not had a professional shoot since I was about 11 and my mam made us take family portraits. Jamie made me feel so comfortable and I loved every second. Shout out to Grinder Central in Sunderland for letting us invade their coffee shop.

Let’s quickly talk about word count. I reached 36,000 words in the manuscript which is around half way. Now, a lot of those words are just dialogue or a really rough overview of later scenes. If I look at the individual chapters that I have finished (first draft), chapters 1-6 are written and come to just over 11,500 words. According to my outline I only have another 2-4 chapters to write before Act One is complete.

This week I’m going to start looking at setting up my newsletter, I’ve got some really big news coming later this month and I want subscribers to be the first to hear it!

If there’s any behind the scenes things you want me to cover in my blog posts or anything you want to know about my books/writing let me know. My Instagram DMs are always open!

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