Week One Check In!

This week has been mental! I got a promotion at my day job so I’ve had quite a lot going on in that part of my life, not to mention my role as wife and mother takes up a lot of time too so when I did get a chance this week to write, I had to make the most of it.

My Goal for the week was to flesh out the story which I have done, I’ve managed to write another 7515 words too and have completed a first draft of chapters 1 and 2.

In these chapters we meet the heroine (Harriet) so I’ve spent a lot of time thinking of her and developing her character. From the outline I know what her story is and what arc I’d like her to have by the end of the book so it’s just figuring out what kind of person she is, what motivates her, what scares her and how we’re going to overcome that. Don’t get me wrong she has a long way to go in the character development stage but the foundations are there.

We briefly meet the hero (Liam) in chapter 2 but he’s a bit of a charming mystery so this week I’ll focus on his character development. Again I have an idea of what I’d like his arc to be and an idea of what his background could be but I haven’t got much of an idea of his motivations and fears yet.

I’m currently writing in first person present but I’m also considering making this a dual POV. Liam potentially needs his own voice because I have a feeling his story is going to be just as important as Harriet’s. We’ll see when I get to Chapter 3 this week, if I feel like I need to use his voice to tell his story then I’ll revisit the structure of chapters 1 and 2.

I wrote Love & London in first person present. I’ll be honest it’s not the easiest tense to write in and I sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) drop into past present and have to change it but, I like the way it reads which is why I’m using it for this story too.

My goal for this week is to continue working on character development on Harriet and Liam and to draft chapters 3 and 4. This is a big task as I have a full on week at work learning my new job so I’m not going to put too much pressure on myself to get words down, if I meet these goals I’ll be chuffed, if not, I’ll try again the week after.

Word Count To Date: 16,997

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