Write A Book With Me!

Over the next few months I’ll be focussing my efforts on my next book, and guess what… I’m taking you along for the ride! I’ll be sharing the good stuff, the bad stuff and the anxiety inducing stuff!

So, how did this story begin? Well, I had an idea for a story, it was a prequel to Love & London and I only expected it to be 10k words or so. I sat on the idea for months while I started researching and I was lucky enough to find two experts to help with that research. Robert Wilson Baker (Musical Theatre Actor, Singer and Radio Presenter of Spark Sunderland) and Katie Brace (Actor currently playing Tracy Turnblad in the UK Tour of Hairspray).

Less than an hour after speaking with Katie over zoom one night, this little idea had evolved from pre-existing characters in a short story to something that deserved to be its own standalone novel with brand new characters. I could see these characters as clear as day and their story is one I want to tell because it allows me to merge two of my greatest passions, Musical Theatre and Romance Books and if you follow me on Instagram (@elliewhite_writes) you’ll know how obsessed I am with both of those things.

What is this book about? Right now, I’m not entirely sure. I do have an outline but I’ll come back to that in a moment. What I can tell you is that the story focuses on two characters, currently named Harriet and Liam, who work in a touring production of a fictional musical (I really want to write a musical within the book but I might be getting a little ahead of myself). It’s a romance and of course it will have a happily ever after! 

What was the first step? The first step for me was writing the stuff that was bouncing around in my brain down on paper, or rather typing it in my phone. Bits of dialogue and exposition in no particular order, if I had a thought or an idea of what a character would say and do, I quickly jotted it down in Google Docs. Before I knew it, 3 days later I had 9482 words. The truth is, a lot of that will probably be cut at some point but that doesn’t matter because this is just the foundations, it’s something to build on

My main goal this week was to outline and it was one of the quickest outlines I’ve written taking only half an hour on my lunch break. A lot of writers (including myself) will tell you that they write an outline and never look at it again. For me, just the act of getting the words out of my head so I can see them clearly helps sort through my ideas. So yeah, I have an outline of sorts, but I usually let my characters lead the story with some gentle guidance from me. I’ll be interested to see how the finished story compares to my outline.

So, that’s where I’m at so far. My goal for the next week is to flesh out the story a little bit and get to know my characters a little better which I’ll update you on next weekend!

Word Count: 9482

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