Book Reviews

The Second Chance In The Mediterranean by Liz Alden

I think I’ve made my love of book boyfriends pretty clear with my extensive list of favourites that I regularly swoon over on Instagram. Seb shot to the top of that list the first time his name was mentioned!

The story is told in first person POV of the female lead Marcella, and the chemistry you feel when she spots Seb leaps from the page. It’s obvious there’s a history between the two (if the title wasn’t enough of a give away) and you get a glimpse at why Marcella is reluctant to see Seb.

As the story progresses you really get a feel for what it’s like to work on a Super Yacht and man alive, do I want to get me one of those!

There wasn’t a single thing in this book that I didn’t like but plenty that I loved!

✨Side characters – loved them all (and although there was just a tiny bit of him in this story, I need more Alex!)
✨The owner of the super yacht was a married couple where the husband was a stay at home dad and the wife was a badass tech mogul!
✨How multicultural this book is, there is so much representation in this book with all characters.

I really wish I could go back and read this for the first time all over again because it was just amazing! I can’t wait to read more of Liz’s work!

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Forget Me Not by Melissa Morgan

If I could give 100 stars it still wouldn’t be enough.

I fell in love with the characters on the first page! Charles and Lizzie are such well developed characters you feel like you’ve known them a lifetime. I loved how the supporting characters stand out form the crowd too making me want to know more about them!

The book is well written and well thought out. I loved the magic in the story line, the element of true love and the deeper message within. It was refreshing to see fertility issues addressed honestly and with respect

I would recommend this beautiful story to anyone and everyone!

Forced To Forget by Melissa Morgan

I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series and couldn’t wait to start the next one. Well… this one ripped out my heart, tore it up. Glued it back together squashed it and re-inflated it all in one go!

I laughed and cried and laughed some more right from the very beginning!

One think I know is that these books will stay with me forever! I can’t wait to see what else Melissa brings to this world!

Welcome to Seabury by Beth Rain

The thing I love most about picking up a Beth Rain book is knowing that it’s going to be amazing! Beth has quickly become one of my favourite authors over the last 9 months and each book gets better and better.

Welcome To Seabury was everything I thought it would be, it has wonderful characters, a close knit community, a lot of humour and a little bit of drama. I can’t wait to see what’s next in this series!!
Things I love about this book.

✨Seabury! Beth has done amazing work describing the scenery and the village that it felt like a place I knew. Oh how I wish I could try one of Sarah’s Maccarons at the Sardine!

✨Sarah! She reminds me so much of me at 16 when I started my first job at @Next in Sunderland! My manager Cath is just like Ethel and I loved working every Sunday with her.

✨The Ending! OMG no spoilers here but I did not see that coming!

Tell Me How It Ends by Lauren Jones

This book is well written and completely binge worthy (If my kindle hadn’t died I would have read it in 1 sitting!) The plot is interesting and the characters are relatable which is just what I love in a romance!

Things I loved about this book…

✨The heroine is from Australia, I lived in Western Australia for close to 6 years from the age of 19 and a lot of the phrases used took me right back to that time and made me miss that environment.

✨ I got to travel with the story. Like the majority of the world I’ve barely stepped foot out of my home county for 18 months so to be able to hop on a flight and explore Brisbane, Seattle, Chicago and of course Alaska, was refreshing.

✨ The plot. Lauren is an absolute genius, and let me tell you why. This story follows Hallie who is the Daughter of a famous fantasy author who passes away before the final book in his series is written. Not only does Lauren tell the story of how Hallie and Fletcher (her Dad’s protégée) overcome their differences to work together to complete her Dad’s book but she has also created a series of books within the world of her book, complete with an incredible plot, in-depth character backstories and thoughtful arcs.

I can’t wait to hear what’s coming next in this world!

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All The Right Notes by Elliott Andrews

I was already so excited after seeing it on the Authors Instagram page so I didn’t waste any time digging in!

The story is set in Nashville which has never really been a place I’ve thought about visiting but after reading this I’m dying to go! I got sucked into the writing and reading the descriptions made me feel like I was there walking down the same streets or sitting in the same cafes and bars.

Things I loved about this book.

✨Clay! I’m so intrigued about Clay and can’t wait to see if he’ll get his own story!

✨One of the plot lines in this book is sexual harassment experienced by the heroine and her friend and I thought it was well handled and respectful to anyone who ay have been a victim.

✨That it happens in a post pandemic world. It felt like a nice glimpse of what life will be like when we can eventually go to gigs and festivals.

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I Hated You First by Rachel John

This book was such a fun, light hearted quick read (think it took me around 4 hours) and I loved every second of it!

The first sentence set the scene where we get to meet our sexy mechanic dressed as Prince Charming at a kids birthday party and honestly I was hooked from there.

Things I loved about this book.

✨ It had all my favourite tropes; workplace romance, enemy’s to lovers, brothers best friend.

✨ Clay! What a book boyfriend! 🥰 He’s gorgeous, doesn’t mind dressing as Prince Charming at a kids birthday party and isn’t afraid of expressing his feelings.

✨ I loved that Lauren kicks ass in a male dominated career environment but doesn’t let that be her only defining quality! She’s sweet, sensitive and knows what she wants in life.

I can’t wait to see what’s next in this world from Rachel John.

*AD/Gifted – ARC Recieved from Author for a honest review.*